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Hola Year 5, Hoy es Miercoles 18 de Noviembre,2020

Hola , Que tal? muy bien/ mas o menos/ muy mal!!! Let’s start singing “Como estas? (how are you? . Try to sing and learn.

Check the video and learn how to say “Hello” in different languages.

Check the vocabulary:

  1. El edificio “Imperio del Estado”- Empire State.

  2. La Estatua de La Libertad.

  3. El Puente de Brooklin.

  4. El Parque Central.

  5. Times Square.

  6. El Museo Metropolitano de Arte.

  7. Madison Square Gardens.

  8. Por la manana= in the morning

  9. Por la tarde= in the afternoon

  10. Por la noche= at night

  11.  yo visitare= I will visit

Click below and check the video.

Oral activity: Make a dialogue with your learning partner. Use the following questions and answers. Use  your white board to write your answers. Ask some children to perform the dialogue in front of the class.

  1. Hola, Como estas? (hi, how are you?) estoy maravilloso/estoy estupendo/estoy bien.

  2. Hoy, estoy feliz y sorprendido (Today, I am happy and surprised).

  3. Como te llamas? me llamo_____ (name)

  4. Cuantos anos tienes? tengo__anos (age)

  5. Que tiempo hace? hace ____ (What is the weather like?

  6. Que visitaras hoy? por la mañana  yo visitare_______, por la tarde yo visitare________, por la noche yo visitare______.


Miercoles 18 de Noviembre,2020

L.O: to give directions in Spanish

Write date and L.O in your Spanish book.Write  the new vocabulary.

  1. gira a la derecha= turn right

  2. gira a la izquierda= turn  left

  3. siga todo recto= go straight

  4. toma la primera calle a la derecha= take the first street on your right

  5. toma la segunda calle a la izquierda= take the second street on your left.

  6. primera= first, segunda= second, tercera= third, cuarta= forth, quinta = fifth, sexta= sith, septima= seventh, octava= eighth, ninth= novena, decima= tenth

Click below. Check the powerpoint.



Check my city map. You have to do something similar or you do the city you want.Use a A3 paper .write your name at the back and give it to an adult.Do not glue it in your book. You will need to include the places from Nueva York. Give the directions for five places in your map. For example;

Remember to start always from the same point. For me it is the park with the games. Use the new question.

“Adonde esta la policia? siga todo recto, tome la sexta calle a la derecha ( where is the police station? go straight and take the sith street on your right).