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Good morning and happy Wednesday

Today is Wednesday the 1st of July.

We are in July! Today is the day of science, and we are going to make a nebula in a jar, here is how to make it:


Make sure you have:

  • Cotton.
  • Tempera paint.
  • Glitter.
  • A jar.

Be good and keep safe.


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1.07 2020

          Good Morning Year One!

Happy Wednesday! Have a bright and beautiful day. | Happy ...

Apologies to all of you who could not access the Busy Things yesterday! Hopefully everything will be in order today! At school, we are enjoying the roof playtime and many games and activities that we are very fond of! We will share some photos on the blog by the end of this week! I am sure you are also enjoying your activities, especially that lovely book by Oliver Jeffers.

Your learning for today:

P.E with Joe Wicks

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach

9.40 am Literacy: 

Today you will write a diary, from the bear’s point of view.

Literacy Week 5_Wednesday

10.20 am Phonics

11.00 am Maths

Finish the worksheet from yesterday and practice addition and placing numbers on a number line:

1.00- 1.30 pm Spelling worksheet or Reading Comprehension

1.30- 2.30 pm – Choose an activity from the grid below,the topic is AIR:

You have one activity on  Busy Things.

2.30 pm Reading: No Way

Have a great  day!

Lots of Heart symbol with love word on old paper. Vector illustration, E ...

Ms. Boric



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Wednesday 1st July GOOD MORNING EYFS

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Wednesday 1st July

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Amber diary entry

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Hola Year 2 and Year 5, Hoy es Miercoles 1 de Julio,2020.

Buenos dias a todos, we have a new topic for this week, “Aire”-air. Let’s start singing “Los pulmones”-The lungs…Learn this song.

Check the lyrics:

¡Inhala! ¡Exhala!= inhale -exhale

¡Inhala y exhala!

¡Inhala! ¡Exhala!


¡Somos los pulmones! ¡Sí!= we are the lungs, yes!


Pulmones se agrandan.= lungs are big


Pulmones se achican. lungs are small

Sopla un globo y sale aire del pulmón= blow a balloon and the air goes out from your lungs

¡A respirar! ¡Somos pulmones!= let’s breathe, we are the lungs!!!

Year 2 activity: L.O: to name transports in Spanish. Click and learn …



Activity: complete the following sentences. You need to use a transport in Spanish. Follow my example” Yo viajo en autobus y en el avion” – I travel by bus and plane”

  1. Mi madre viaja en ________y en________

  2. Mi padre viaja en ________y en_________

  3. Mi hermano viaja en ________y en_________

  4. Mi perro viaja en ______y en_________

Me llamo______, yo viajo en ________y en___________

Extension: check and guess…

Guess the transport


Year 5 activity: Learn the song (above).

Activity: L.O: to name transports in Spanish. To use verb to travel – VIAJAR- Yo viajo…= I travel…. Click and check the transports…

Yo viajo….=I travel

Tu viajas…=You travel

El viaja…= He travels

nosotros/tras viajamos= we travel

ellos/ ellas viajan= they travel



You will visit these countries: Francia, Espana, Alemania (Germany), China, Italia, Grecia, Chile, Brazil. You need to use transports in Spanish. Follow my example: Yo voy a Chile, Yo viajo en el avion y en el bus.(I go to Chile, I travel by plane and bus). For each pronoun ,you need to write a sentence.

Yo voy a _____(place), yo viajo en _______,_________y_______(trasports)

Tu vas a_______, tu viajas en_________,________y_________

El va a_______, El viaja en________,_______y________

Ella va a______, Ella viaja en ______,______y_______

Nosotros vamos a _______, Nosotros viajamos en _______,_____y_______

Ellos van a______, Ellos viajan en ______,______y__________

Make your own paper aeroplane.

Get members of your family to make one too and hold a competition.

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Summer 2 W5 Tuesday

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my different times of day painting

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Zara blow up painting

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