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RE w/b 13th July

Hello everyone.

For our last RE thought this year, we are going to listen to a version of The Lord’s Prayer.  This is a prayer that Jesus taught his followers to say and Christians all around the world still say it today.

As you look back on the last school year, think:

What do you want to thank God for?

What do you need to say sorry for?

What do you want to ask God for in the coming year?

Write your thoughts in a comment below.

Have a lovely summer everyone!

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RE w/b July 6th – Prayer Part 1

Hello everyone.

This week I am posting a short RE reflection for you.  Below is a video of a version of Psalm 23.  Psalms is a book in the Bible that contains songs and poems, most of them written by King David.  Remember the little shepherd boy, David, who defeated Goliath in last week’s story?  It’s the same David, only this time he is thinking about another shepherd..

Psalm 23 is perhaps one of the most famous Psalms.  At school at the moment, we have this Psalm up on our safety display and in our classrooms.  Watch the video of that Psalm and then think about why that might be.  How does this Psalm make you feel?

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RE w/b 29th June

Last week we listened to the story of Noah.  It is a story of God’s big rescue plan to save Noah and his family from the flood.

Today we are going to listen to another rescue story.  This time, it is the story of a young boy who God used to rescue his people in a battle.

Watch the story here:

The young boy David grew up to be a king and he wrote Psalm 23, the prayer we are looking at in school and that we will look at on here another time.

What have you learnt about how God rescues people?  How does that make you feel?

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The Rainbow

Hello everyone.

This week, our whole school theme is “Space” and in RE we are going to think about the rainbow.  The rainbow has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic and it is a symbol that we use a lot in school for other reasons, too.

The rainbow first appears in the Bible at the end of the story of Noah.  As you watch the story, think about why the rainbow was put into the sky and how that is similar, and different, to what you think about when you see a rainbow today.  Share you thoughts, and a prayer if you would like to, in the comments.

A New Beginning

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RE – Thinking about community

Our whole-school theme this week is LONDON so in RE we are going to be thinking about community.

We are going to listen to the story of The Good Samaritan.  The Good Samaritan is a parable that Jesus told.  That means it is a story with a special message for us to think about.  Watch the video and then think about the questions.

EYFS & KS1: The Good Samaritan (Beginner’s Bible)

KS2: The Good Samaritan (BBC)


How do you think the man felt when people kept walking past him?

Who helped the man in the end?  Why was this a surprise?

How do you think the man felt when he was finally helped?

Think about yourself: Are there some people you are happy to help and some people you do not like helping?  What does this story say about that?

Remember to comment with your ideas and a prayer.

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Lydia’s prayer 9 june

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RE w/b Monday 8th June

This week our theme is The Natural World.  In this video, Trevor explains why Christians think about the natural world when they are feeling worried or afraid.

Remember to comment with your answers and your prayers!

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RE w/b Monday 1st June

Hello everyone!

Welcome back!  I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your comments and prayers on this blog so do keep them coming!

We have a slightly different video this week.

This video tells a story from the Bible in which WATER plays a big part.  Before you watch it, have a think about the Bible stories you know about water – can you guess which story this will be?

The Storm that Stopped


  1. What does this story tell us about who Christians believe Jesus is?
  2. Why is that so important to Christians?

If you would like to, write a prayer about what you’ve learnt about and share it in the comments below so we can all read it.


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RE with Trevor Week 4

Here is this week’s RE video from Trevor.  Remember to keep commenting with your answers to the questions and your prayers.

  1. Who was Saul?
  2. Where was he going when he met Jesus?  Why was he going there?
  3. What happened to Saul whilst he was on his journey?
  4. How did Ananias feel when God told him to go and speak to Saul?
  5. What was Saul’s new name?  Do you recognise it?  What do you already know about him?
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RE with Trevor Week 3

Hello everyone,

Here is the next instalment in our lessons from Trevor from the Bible’s book of Acts which tells the story of what happened after Easter.

Please do keep commenting with your answers to the questions and / or your prayers – we love reading them.

This week’s questions are:

  1. Why do you think the lame man was at the temple?
  2. What did he want from Peter and James?
  3. How did the man feel when he got up?
  4. What did the religious leaders think of this miracle?
  5. What did Peter say to them?
  6. Why was Peter so brave?
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