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Message for choir!

Hi Choir!

How are you getting on learning the song?

Write in the comments to let me know!

Love from Mrs Legg and Jamie

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VERY exciting project #1

Hello again Choir 🙂

It was so lovely to hear from lots of you on my last blog post.  I’m really glad I’m now able to share with you our first choir project.

Have any of you seen any virtual choirs recently?  Quite a few have taken place during lock down.  Here is an example: (you might spot a familiar face!).

Because we can’t make music together in person, virtual choirs allow us to still sing together without leaving our own homes.

Now, what I hadn’t told you before school closed is that in June we were planning to take you (the choir) to the Tower of London to perform in a music festival there.  Very sadly, that had to be cancelled BUT the good news is that the organisers have instead invited us to be part of a virtual choir.  How exciting is that?!

Everything you need to take part is HERE.

When you click on that link you will find a song to learn, instructions on how to record yourself singing the song and a link to upload your video so that the festival organisers can include it in the big video.

Here’s a few things to note:

  1. You will need an adult to help you do this.
  2. You need to learn the song yourself as, sadly, we can’t have a rehearsal altogether for Jamie and I to teach it to you.  The video is clear so listen to it lots and sing along.  Don’t try and record yourself until you are sure that you can sing the song as best you can!  I expect it will take at least a few days of practising – I’m not expecting anyone to film their video tomorrow!
  3. IMPORTANT: By uploading your video, your parent/carer is giving permission for it to be part of the final video which will be put on the internet.  If you don’t want your face to be in the video, you can just make an audio recording.
  4. The instructions say that school uniform is optional.  I think it would be nice if you all do wear your school uniform when you film your video – we are very proud to be part of All Souls!

The instructions on the link are very clear, but if you do have any questions then just write me a message here.

The deadline is Monday 8th June at midday.  Ask a grown up to put the date in their diary now so you don’t forget!  It can take a while for the video to upload, too, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Have fun everyone and let us know how you get on!

Love from Mrs Legg and Jamie

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Hello Choir!

Hello Choir!

How are you all?

Jamie and I have been speaking lots during lock down.  We really miss making music with you all and are looking forward to the day when we can sing together again.

However, in the mean time, we have two very exciting projects to tell you about!  Both are nearly (but not quite) ready for me to give you the details for, so I’m not going to say any more now, but I do need to know that you are here and reading this.  Please leave a comment to say hello and keep checking this blog for further information!

Love from

Mrs Legg and Jamie

PS Look here –  – and go to Week 4, Bonus song for something you might recognise.

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