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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! – The New Forest Inn

Hi Year 3,

I had the best day yesterday because I got to talk to half of the class on the phone! And I’ll be calling the other half of the class today! It was so lovely to talk to you all and I’ve been so impressed with the amount of people that have now tried Busy Things. Still waiting for more of you to respond to the blog posts but it’s good to know you’re reading them!

Well done to Asif, Amber, Celia, Ziyad and Safa for completing their Busy Things activities! I love to see your learning.

Also, David Walliams (author and very funny guy) has started doing free readings of his books. He will release them each day at 11am. Please have a listen!

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Love Miss Gluyas

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Wednesday 1st April GOOD MORNING EYFS

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things to do when you are bored

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Backwards Names from Rhonda

Hey Y2!!  How are you all???  I was thinking of you guys this morning and my mind started to read your names backwards of all directions!  These strange things happen when I’m missing you.  Here’s what I mean:  Mia’s name backwards is AIM!  Sienna’s name backwards is ANNE-IS.  Hadi’s name backwards, if you add ‘o’ at the end is IDAHO, which is an American state.  Amina’s name backwards, if you add ‘l’ at the end is ANIMAL.  I must hear from you guys soon so I can start reading/thinking forwards again!

Love, Adnohr (Rhonda)

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Woolly Mammoths by sophie

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Hey Guys!!

I hope you are doing well,

I am looking forward to calling and checking in with you guys this week so so look out for my phone call.

Ms Plesniak has kindly managed to get first news for us as a PDF so click on the link below

Also, I thought it would be great to remind you to continue to watch newsround daily if you can just like we have been doing in class.

Well done for those who have been doing the busy things activities I can see that you guys really like the geography tasks.

Look forward speaking to you.

Take care.


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Buenos Dias!!! Hola , Que tal??

“Hola, Que tal? yo muy bien!!! Hoy es ____, Ayer fue_____,Manana sera____” Check the days of the week. Do not forget to do your activities and submit them. Read the instructions carefully. Visit BBC BITES SPANISH and your class pages at our school website. If you want to say “HOLA” , please reply !!! I am waiting for your comments.

ADIOS, MR. Gonzalo.

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Week 2, 31.03 2020

Good morning Year One!

Here we are on our last day in March!

If you know that this is the last day of March, tell me, what date is tomorrow?

I’m hoping that some of you will put a “smile” on my face.

I would like to welcome Leonardo who joined our little group of busy students and who shared with us his first assignment! Well done!

Well done also goes to Leonor, Jacob and Hana  for sharing with us their favourite recipes.

I am adding this morning some very useful links for you dear class.

The first one is :  There you will find all of your favourite games like: Dragons Den, Picnic on Pluto etc.

The second one is:

Dear parents, all you need to do is to create an account and then you will have free access to an amazing library! Happy reading!

Please give it a go and let me know how you are doing!

Lots of love

Ms. Boric





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Year 2 Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 2!

Today’s busy things activities are up and ready for you to do.  You should also still be going with your Home Learning packs.  How are you getting on with those?  Leave a comment to let me know.


Well done to Eli, Edie, Amina, Venice, Ari, Elaine, Kyra, Christian and Jaykop for completing yesterday’s busy things activities.

Well done to Mia for commenting on yesterday’s blog.  I would love to read comments from more of you every day.


On Tuesdays we do RE.  Today should have been our last lesson about Easter, so here is a video of the whole Easter story for you to watch.  Remember to check with your grown ups before you click on any links I send.


Did you enjoy listening to “Wild” yesterday?

Today’s story is by Benji Davies.  It is called “Grandad’s Island”.

Have a lovely day everyone.  I’m looking forward to reading your comments and seeing your learning on busy things.

Love from Mrs Legg

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