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Monday 1st June

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EYFS Online Home Reading Books 1st June

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Monday 1st June 2020

Dear Year One!

I hope  everyone is well and in good spirits after this break filled with glorious sunshine!I have had a relaxing time spent with my family, devoured some interesting books and enjoyed long walks across our beautiful city.

I believe that everyone received their learning packs and hopefully they all seem pretty straightforward to you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either via blog or or my email.

First of all a huge well done to the following children who completed their tasks on Busy Things on Friday, 22nd May: Musa, Jessica, Najah, Quratulain, Jayjay, Jaky, Cian, Faria, Leonor and Hana!

Your learning for today:

Get in the right frame of mind with Joe Wicks and his exercise at 9.ooam

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach

9.40 am Literacy

This term our Literacy lessons will be shared together with Year 2. The lessons are linked to our weekly grid activities ( check your pack) and this week it is all about WATER.

All your instructions are on the PowerPoint Presentation below!

Literacy Monday 1st June

10.20 am Phonics

We should all be practicing phase 5 on the links below!

11.00 am Maths

In your packs find the sheets dated 1st June.

The activity is to find and make number bonds.

Watch the video on this link:

Tomorrow I will give you the answers so you can check if your work was correct.

1.00 pm Handwriting

1.30 pm R.E.

Please check the R.E blog

2.30 pm Reading: Flying Highh

You have 1   Activity on Busy things.

Enjoy your day!

Love Ms. Boric BBC Arts - BBC Arts - Matters of the heart: Where does the ...




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Summer 2 W1 Monday

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Buenos Dias!!! Hoy es Lunes 1 de Junio,2020.

Buenos días chicos y chicas !!! Que tal? yo muy bien , y tu?

Year 3 activity: L.O: to name and describe sea creatures. Let’s start with the song, you need to learn it by heart. 

Check the vocabulary -click below. We use “EL” when the next word ends in “O”,for example : El pulpo, . We use “LA” when the next word ends in “A”,for example: La ballena. Click below and check the vocabulary. Use ‘El or La” and try to say the words . Note: “El Angelote -the big fish, El pez- the fish.


Writing activity: you can download the picture or you can draw. You need an extra paper to do this activity, write: the date, your name, your class, L.O. Choose and draw 5 sea creatures in the deep ocean. Describe them.Write each sentences next to the creature. Follow my example: “El pez es rojo , amarillo, grande y bonito.- The fish is red, yellow, big and beautiful. You can use colors: azul, rojo, amarillo, verde, rosa, negro, blanco, violeta, marron. Adjectives: bonito, feo, grande , pequeno, rapid, lento, gordo (fat), delgado (thin), feliz (happy), triste (sad).

Year 3 Art: L.O: to create and build an aquarium. You can use any kind of materials-recycling materials. Use the creatures from the previous activity or you can choose your own creatures. Check my video example.

For more inspiration, check the video and try to sing.

Adios !!! do your activities.

Mr. Gonzalo

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          Happy Birthday dear Musa!Birthday boy - Birthday Card (Free) | Greetings Island


Ms. Boric


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Happy Birthday Lorenzo

Happy Birthday Lorenzo…

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Miss Cooley and Year 6 x

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For Dominic

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Message for Anna

Hi Anna,

Miss Ascough apologises for your pack not being hand delivered on Friday – it was posted and should be with you this week.

Please let me know if it hasn’t arrived by this Friday (29th).

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Miss Cooley x

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