Wednesday, 6th January, week 1

Good morning Year One!



Thank you Cira-Hannah for leaving a comment on our blog.


Maths: Answers for yesterday’s task

New lesson:


Literacy: Workshets for Spag, Writing and Reading Comprehension are all in your packs.


In Geography we are learning about the United Kingdom and its countries.

What have you learned about the United Kingdom:

How many countries does it have? In which country do you live?

Can you name the capital cities of each country?

Do you think you can label the UK countries on this map?

Do you think you can draw a map of UK? It does not have to be perfect.

Give it a go and send a photo of your picture to


Your book for today is here

Have a wonderful day!

Don’t forget to leave a comment bellow!

Lots of love Ms. Boric


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6 Responses to Wednesday, 6th January, week 1

  1. kulla says:

    Ms Boric,
    I hope you are well
    Unfortunately yesterday I tried several times to send you a comment but I don’t know where it was a problem.
    I’m learning and I like it very much math and geography.
    I miss You and my friends <3


    • dboric says:

      Thank you so much dear Aria for your comment. I am glad you have managed to access it today and I am so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your learning. Keep up the good work!
      Lots of love
      Ms. Boric

  2. choic says:

    Hello Ms Boric
    How are you ?
    I am good .
    Love from Cirae-Hannah

  3. ahmer1 says:

    Dear Ms Boric

    I have sent a photo of my drawing of the map of UK

    Hope you like it


    • dboric says:

      Thank you Ridwan, I am sure it’s fantastic, I will check it though tomorrow when I go to school. Keep up the great
      Lots of love
      Ms. Boric

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