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Hoy es Viernes!!! Es El Fin de Semana!!! Maravilloso

Buenos dias chicos y chicas, Que tal? Yo muy bien!!! Let’s start singing. Sing along with your family. “Hola como estas?”

Reception and Nursery: Hoy es Viernes 1 de Mayo, 2020. L.O: to express myself . To use  feelings vocabulary in Spanish. Check my mat about feelings.


Ask your mum or dad to help you. Check the vocabulary: “ Estoy Feliz- I am happy”. “Estoy –I am”. Triste= sad “Estoy triste”, enojado= angry “Estoy enojado”, feliz= happy “Estoy feliz”. Say these phrases louder and teach your family. You can do some actions. Check the video and try to sing along. Ask your family to join you.

Reception activity: you can print the activity or you can draw. You need to match the picture with the right phrase. You can color. If you can not write, you can do it orally.t2-sp-25-how-do-you-feel-today-activity-sheet-spanish-espantildeol_ver_3

Nursery activity: choose one or two a picture and color. You can print or you can draw. Try to say the phrases louder.


Dear children from All Souls , this weekend-“Fin de Semana” is the “Super Hero Weekend” “Fin de Semana de Heroes”. So, you can do something fun!!! You can dress your “Super Heroe” costume or anything you like. If you want to dress like an elephant, just do it and be happy- “Feliz”. Enjoy my “Super Heroe” video.

If you want to do something else, follow my link: – here the children can ‘style-a

hero’, listen to a song about superheroes, find out what superheroes learn at school and read about superheroes.

Zoe Ball, on her Radio 2 breakfast show this morning, reads a shout out from Ms Ascough to All Souls children for their Virtual Superhero Day. It’s a lovely message and if you would like to listen to it, go to BBC Sounds, Radio 2, Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. The shout out is on this morning’s programme at about 6:54/6:55.

 Be a hero -“Un Super Heroe” and stay safe at home.


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Home Learning Packs W1 Friday

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Lydia 30April sentenses

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Zara’s literacy work

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Engage Video

Hi everybody in The Village,

I hope you are all happy and healthy. Here is an Engage session for you all to watch at home, just click on the link below. I hope you sing along to our Bucket song and enjoy the video!

I will post an Engage video once a week, as well as a Story-time video which I will put on here tomorrow.

Love Claudia

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Home Learning Packs W1 Thursday

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Literacy tree lesson 4 link

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Extra literacy tree

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Good morning and happy Thursday

Today is Thursday the 30th of April, last day of the month!

It has been a weird month, but you have been so sensible and adapted very well to this changes that we are very proud of you!

I heard that you are enjoying the home learning packs: well done to Joey practising with the whiteboards, Edwaldeeh for doing very well with Math, Eliot for being amazing without his routine and Sara for being so sensible and calm about the current situation. You are doing great!

Please visit Miss Alcough’s blog, there is a new post with a couple of activities that I’m sure you are going to enjoy.

I have assign you a drawing project in busy things about creating a funny face, have a go and see if you can make a very silly face.Silly Face Emoji Clipart

Remember to send any picture about your art to

Keep safe, and be good!


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Buenos Dias!!! Hoy es Jueves 30 de Abril,2020. Esta lloviendo!!!

Bienvenidos chicos y chicas !!! Que tal? yo mas o menos. Estoy bien en casa. Are you ready to sing? teach your family this song.

Year 4 Activity: L.O: to learn and use singular and plurals using food vocabulary. Dear children , you need to revise these questions and answers. You can ask someone  to help you. Revise them orally. Teach Spanish to your family. Click and revise.


“Comida”-food: check the next powerpoint about food. Extra vocabulary- singular and plurals: Singular-just one object or thing “me gusta el platano, no me gusta el platano ( I like the banana, I do not like the banana- singular , just one). Plural, more than one: Me gustaN los platanoS , no me gustaN los platanoS ( I like bananaS, I do not like bananaS). “EL -LA” you use them with singular – one object,”El platano= the banana, LA manzana= the apple. “LOS (PLURAL OF EL)- LAS (PLURAL OF LA)” you use them with plurals , more than one object, “LOS platanos= bananas, LAS manzanas= apples. Me ENCANTA la manzana= I love the apple, Me ENCANTAN las manzanas= I love apples. Read carefully and compare the sentences.


Writing activity: you need to write a full dialogue on an extra paper. Do not forget to write: your name, class, date in Spanish and L.O. You need to  write a dialogue between you and any friend (you imagine a friend to write a conversation) using the previous oral activity -questions and answers-vocabulary. Use “Spanish basic phrases”. You will need add to 2 more questions and answers ,one singular and one plural + food (use the powerpoint). Extension: Write about your favourite food using the new vocabulary or you can add more food.

Adios and keep safe at home, MR. Valenzuela

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